The fashionable winter season in St. Petersburg began with the CGD Fashion Show, which took place on December 1 at the Journalist’s House.

More than 10 designers from all over Russia presented their collections to the public. I am very pleased that in the era of modern times, there is an opportunity for fashion creators to unite and demonstrate stunning images. The CGD FASHION SHOW for the second time is a meeting place with interesting people who are united by a love of fashion and art.

According to Patricia Karagozyan, this project was created in order to enable Russian designers to unlock their inner potential, identify the DNA of brands, tell about the history of their creation and, in general, bring the industry to a new level by integrating new elements in the shows.
Anush Sargsyan: “We have moved away from the cliches of classic fashion shows and created our own unique format with the acquaintance and communication of industry representatives. The interview is a new format in which the viewer gets acquainted with the creator of the collection presented at the show.”

The show consisted of 4 different and interesting outputs in its own way: starting with noble classics, smoothly turning into ethnic history, followed by sports, chic and even rock style.

In the first release , their collections were presented: 
And Address
 – a Russian brand of author’s women’s clothing. With her clothes, Ivadress brings to women a sense of freedom, environmental friendliness, care and beauty every day.

Collaboration of Moth and Viktoria Fleur brands. Viktoria Fleur, the main feature of which is elegance, style and quality! Exclusive images combine classic character with elements of modern style.

Moth. A new look at fur coats. Eco-transformer with detachable insulation and a variety of colors allows you to wear eco-coats from October to May in different weather conditions, in a different rhythm of life, style and image.

RETROVA – a young St. Petersburg brand that relies on utilitarianism and natural palettes. This is a new look at the eternal classics and femininity that never goes out of fashion.

In the second output:
SHEVRÉ – a young brand with an oriental aesthetic in a modern interpretation. The collections use a tapestry – a brand feature and a lot of handmade. SHEVR products are about love for everything and peace.

DATA. The creation of the brand was born from the love of art and dreams from childhood. The idea of the brand is to give paintings a life that people can observe on clothes and receive positive emotions both themselves and give them to others.

REDKOE created for those who are active and feel the taste of life, who are familiar with awareness, who appreciate, love and protect our fragile nature. The main direction is dresses for modern young women, who, in addition to design and high-quality things, the brand philosophy is important.

The participants of the contest “Miss Melon Rich XXL”, the final of which was held in Moscow on November 2, were presented in a separate way.

The Central Gallery of Designers acted as a partner of the competition, and the participants were awarded certificates for participation in the show. 
Charming models with crowns, according to the idea of the director of the show Dmitry Zakharov, shone in outfits from designer Kristina Gorban, GK brand.

In the third exit, the collections were shown to the public:

MASLO. clothing is suitable for those who want to be on trend, emphasize their sexuality and look luxurious.
The brand allows you to integrate evening looks into everyday outfits.

LERU. LOVE = YOU. Love is you. This is how the name of LERU stands for – a brand about self-love. Premium quality women’s clothing, where smooth and exciting cutouts collide along with clear geometric lines. Flexibility, softness, variability and at the same time – natural strength. The brand offers to become a luxury for everyone.

MAIORI. Impressions of the Mediterranean town of Majori inspired the creators of the brand and now live in every product. The gentle breeze of the coast is in the fabrics. The lightness of the incoming waves is in the lines of the models. The combination of the comfort of the classics and the boldness of modernity is in style. Solar heat – in relation to customers. Feel it. Live. Enjoy. This is MAIORI.

Thanks to the clear alignment of images and the selection of the necessary accessories by the leading stylist of the project Dumoy, who harmoniously complemented the outputs of the models, the whole show looked in one breath and was enthusiastically received by numerous guests. I would like to note the strong partner support of the project, for which Jennifer Roos was responsible. These are both domestic and foreign companies, which clearly shows the significance of this event.

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