Valeria Utushkina

In 2015, Valeria opened her first atelier. Valeria launched her own brand LERU in 2020.

She studied at Istituto Marangoni (Paris), where she studied fashion business programs. During her training, Valeria acquired the necessary theory, which she successfully applies in practice.

Valeria oversees the creation of an image and brand development strategy: from the development of products that meet the needs of consumers and the market, to building effective communication with customers.

Валерия Утушкина - владелец бренда LERUBRAND


Love is you. This is how the name of LERU stands for — a brand about self-love.

Premium quality women’s clothing, where smooth and exciting cutouts collide along with clear geometric lines.
Flexibility, softness, variability and at the same time – natural strength. Our brand offers to become a luxury for everyone.
We value the individuality of each woman and offer individual tailoring according to personal standards.
Designing personal patterns according to the customer’s figure and tailoring a suit with the maximum number of manual operations.
Our brand carries values with its clothes: every woman is unique and should wear a luxurious suit that is made especially for her.
Wearing couture clothes created by Russian designers, needlewomen and jewelers is statuesque and prestigious.
We know the price of beauty and uniqueness. A modern woman is successful, active and can change the world.
Self—love is the inner core, the basis of personality. It can be expressed through our products.