In 2021, Valeria Utushkina founded the women’s clothing brand “LERUSHKA”. The main philosophy of the brand was the perfect fit jacket as part of the DNA. The brand has been successfully developing for two years and has become recognizable among Russian women.

A new stage for “LERUSHKA” was the entry into the international market, as over the years the brand has developed and a new global sound was needed. So “LERUSHKA” has grown into a confident and concise brand “LERU”.

Love is you.
This is how the name stands for.
The new name reflects the values that the owner of the brand Valeria Utushkina has invested in the new collection. A modern classic for successful women with self-love.

At the heart of the brand is premium quality women’s clothing, where smooth and exciting cutouts collide along with clear geometric lines.
Flexibility, softness, variability and at the same time – natural strength. The collections are inspired by self-sufficient and bright women who look luxurious in pantsuits and business looks.

We know the price of beauty and uniqueness. A modern woman is successful, proactive and can change the world. Self—love is the inner core, the basis of personality. It can be expressed through our products.

The key color of LERU is Merlot.

Purple with strong shades of ruby, rich and deep. The bright purple suit is perfect for the Russian winter and spring. It gives colors and brightness to the owner.

We value the individuality of each woman and offer individual tailoring according to personal standards. Bespoke and made to measure products are available to order for the brand’s customers. Designing personal patterns according to the customer’s figure and tailoring a suit with the maximum number of manual operations.

Our brand carries values with its clothes: every woman is unique and should wear a luxurious suit that is tailored specifically for her. Wearing couture clothes created by Russian designers, needlewomen and jewelers is statuesque and prestigious. Russian fashion is not inferior to the products of fashion houses in Europe. Our brand offers to become luxurious for every woman.